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A Better Future For Animals
Cash Prize of $1,000 or $500!
One winner will receive $1,000 and two second-place winners will receive $500 in cash prizes.
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The Cause

For 50 years, the International Fund for Animal Welfare has been working toward their goal of helping animals and people thrive together, through animal welfare initiatives all over the world. Raising awareness is a key part of their mission, and photography is one of the best ways to do just that. With images that show how much animal health and welfare matters, IFAW’s crucial message can travel even further. Read more about IFAW's mission here.

Your Challenge

Whether it’s the animals who live in your neighborhood, the pets who you call family, or wildlife you encounter on a nature trip, this challenge is all about photographing the animals around you. Document natural habitats through photo or video, or get creative recording the daily life of your cat or dog.

The Prizes

1st place: $1,000

2nd place: $500

3rd place $500

Select runner ups will have their photos displayed in our upcoming exhibitions

All winners will also have their photos printed and displayed in our upcoming live photo exhibits, taking place in major cities around the world. More details to come!

Поради й умови
  1. Each photo or video submitted to this challenge until 31 Mar 23:59 will take part.
  2. Upload as many relevant photos and videos as you want to increase your chances of winning.
  3. All photos and videos get published under the Pexels License and can be used for free.
  4. Only upload your own photos and videos.
  5. By submitting a photo or video you agree to the Pexels challenge terms.
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Win a Cash Prize of $1,000 or $500!
One winner will receive $1,000 and two second-place winners will receive $500 in cash prizes.
International Fund for Animal Welfare
The International Fund for Animal Welfare is a global non-profit helping animals and people thrive together. They are experts and everyday people, working across seas, oceans, and in more than 40 countries around the world. They rescue, rehabilitate, and release animals, and also restore and protect their natural habitats.
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