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What Is It?

The mission of Pexels is to help your photography reach the next level – to boost your brand, your reach, your skills, your career, your opportunities and the joy that your passion brings you. Members of the Pexels Heroes Community are the best and most trusted photographers on the site.

Who Can Join?

The Pexels editorial team scours the globe for the best and brightest, so if you’ve been tapped it means you’re just a click away from joining the community. If we’ve missed you, you can nominate yourself below! Heroes isn’t just about recognizing skillful photographers, it’s also a mark of trust. Keep sharing photos on Pexels and you’ll be well on your way to becoming part of Heroes.

Why Join?

Sharing photos is just the beginning. Joining Heroes means getting a badge of recognition on your Pexels profile, snagging exclusive perks from our partners, scoring invites to online master classes with relevant thought leaders, connecting with fellow photographers, and more.

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What Our Heroes Say about Us

Millions of views, several donations and a lot of positive feedback from the community. Besides that Pexels knows how to treat and thank their photographers. Nothing but love for Pexels!

Ylanite Koppens Ylanite Koppens

Finding your pictures in Forbes, HBR, Mashable, and even in the wild on billboards is awesome. Receiving donations and thank-yous from all over the world is heart-warming. It makes the Pexels community stand out!

Tim Guow Tim Guow

I have more than 13 000 000 views and 55 000 downloads of my photos on Pexels. I'm not a pro photographer, just an amateur but seeing this stats... It just inspires me more than anything.

Anastasia Zhenina Anastasia Zhenina

Thanks to Pexels I enjoy photography way more. The statistics, donations and community are helping a young photographer a lot!

Tuur Tisseghem Tuur Tisseghem

What Makes a Great Pexels Hero?

  • Frequently uploading wow-worthy photos
  • Liking other photographer’s photos on Pexels
  • Sharing Pexels with the world (or just on social media is fine)
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