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$250 to spend at Timbuk2
One first prize winner will receive a $250 USD Timbuk2 gift card, and two second place winners will each receive $150 USD gift cards.
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Time to head downtown—we want to see your best shots of city life. From New York to Hong Kong to your favorite small city you wish everyone would visit, this challenge is all about street photography and urban looks.

Submit your photos of street style, downtown high rises, crowded sidewalks, and all the other scenes that give a city its unique vibe. You could win a $250 gift card towards Timbuk2 backpacks and bags, and two second place winners will also receive $150 gift cards!
Tips en voorwaarden
  1. Elke foto of video die je uiterlijk 07 jun 23:59 voor deze uitdaging indient, doet mee.
  2. Upload zoveel relevante foto's en video's als je wilt om je winkans te vergroten.
  3. Alle foto's en video's worden gepubliceerd onder de Pexels-licentie en kunnen gratis worden gebruikt.
  4. Upload alleen je eigen foto's en video's.
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Builders of intuitive bags for the global urban citizen, since 1989.
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