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Office Space
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With over 13 million monthly visits, Pexels is one of the largest photo communities in the world. Winners of this challenge will receive our exposure package which includes: a feature on our blog, newsletter, and Pexels social channels. The 1st place winner will also take home an exciting mystery prize.
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This photo challenge is all about capturing the essence of work and showing off the hustle. Photograph your friends/family using technology; phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc., the handshake that closed the deal, the pen that signed the agreement, the beauty (or the boredom) of a conference room, or the speaker that inspired you at the seminar. Whether it's inside or outside an office, we're looking for the best photos that depict the work hustle.
Tips en voorwaarden
  1. Elke foto die je uiterlijk 27 apr 23:59 voor deze uitdaging indient, doet mee.
  2. Upload zoveel relevante foto's als je wilt om je winkans te vergroten.
  3. Alle foto's worden gepubliceerd onder de Pexels-licentie en kunnen gratis worden gebruikt.
  4. Upload alleen je eigen foto's.
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Verlopen · vrijdag, apr 27, 2018
Office Space
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