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Colorful Celebration: Holi Festival
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Holi, sometimes called the “festival of love” or the “festival of colors,” is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The Hindu festival marks the end of winter, the blossoming of spring and love, as well as a time to forgive, forget, and repair broken relationships.

Holi has spread through the Indian diaspora to be celebrated today in other parts of Asia and the Western world. Holi festivals are now organized in many cities and countries across the globe, sometimes as a celebration of spring and color rather than a religious event. If you've had a chance to take part in any sort of Holi celebration, you know that it's a joyous time, and we want to see that excitement in your photos and videos!

Share your best captures of Holi, from the vivid colors to the energy of the crowd. Get in the spirit of Holi with detail shots of colored paint and festive bonfires. The winner will take home a $200 cash prize.
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