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Join the Pexels Heroes community. Boost your network, your reach, your skills, your opportunities, and the joy that your passion brings you.

The Hero Experience

Pexels Heroes is an invite-only community made up of the best and most trusted photographers on the platform.

It’s fun and rewarding

"The coolest part of being a Pexels Hero is the sense of community. Meeting so many talented and passionate photographers has inspired me to break out and try new things. Equally as awesome is having the opportunity to meet and communicate directly with the Pexels staff. Being a Hero has changed my photographic life in some incredible ways."

Brett Sayles
Brett Sayles

Getting started is easy

Contribute photos to the community

Choose the photos you want to share and upload them to Pexels.

Submit your photos Submit your photos

Get featured

The best photos are chosen and published by our curation team.

Get invited to join Heroes

Our curation team invites photographers with high quality, curated images to join the community.

Being a Hero has its perks

Special profile badge
Pexels swag via Snail Mail
Exclusive perks via our partners
Meeting fellow members
Priority access to product updates
Faster photo reviews
Get notified when one of your photos is used on a big website

Sharing is caring

Contributing your photography to Pexels means helping creative people all over the world get inspired—from entrepreneurs to visual artists to photographers like you.

It’s motivating

"Millions of views, several donations and a lot of positive feedback from the community. Besides that Pexels knows how to treat and thank their photographers. Nothing but love for Pexels!"

Ylanite Koppens
Ylanite Koppens
Uploads each month
4 billion
Monthly image views

It’s inspiring

"I have more than 13,000,000 views and 55,000 downloads of my photos on Pexels. I'm not a pro photographer, just an amateur, but seeing these stats... It just inspires me more than anything."

Anastasia Zhenina
Anastasia Zhenina

It’s meaningful

"Finding your photos in Forbes, HBR, Mashable, and even in the wild on billboards is awesome. Receiving donations and thank-yous from all over the world is heart-warming. It makes the Pexels community stand out!"

Tim Gouw
Tim Gouw
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