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Meet Hero of the Week Tobias Bjørkli

Welcome to Hero of the Week, an ongoing series sharing stories from some of the best photographers in the Pexels community.

This week we’re diving into the fantastical landscapes of Tobias Bjørkli, a photographer based in the city of Tromsø in scenic northern Norway. Tobias is currently studying to become a kindergarten teacher and shooting photos on the side. “I started taking pictures two years ago when I got my first camera, the Canon 80d,” he says. Tobias was inspired to pick up a camera by photographers he saw on Instagram—“I instantly felt like this is something that I want to do.”

The landscape of Norway is the usual focus of Tobias’ photos, and offers endless inspiration. “Big mountains and the northern lights,” are favorite subjects, he says. “Nature photography is my passion. I think it’s because I love being outdoors, and hiking in northern Norway gives me spectacular views that I can capture with my camera.”

He now shoots with a Canon 6d Mark II and Sigma 24–70mm and 18–35 lenses, adding “I am saving money to buy more glass.” Although he is studying, photography remains a priority for Tobias. “My long term goal is to find my own style so people can recognize my work,” he says. It seems like he’s already well on that path—there is a surreal, super-saturated feeling to Tobias’ landscape images that make them stand out. And his photography goal is reflected in the advice Tobias shares with us: “Be creative, find your own style, and don’t do what everyone else is doing.”

Follow Tobias on Pexels and on Instagram at @teletoby1.

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