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Pexels is one of the biggest and most exclusive photo communities in the world. We invite you to submit your photos to our weekly and monthly photo challenges. A jury selects the winner of each challenge and the winners are awarded with prices and published on our frontpage. All photos uploaded to Pexels can be used by creatives for free and thus appearing all over the internet providing photographers with the unique opportunity to reach massive audiences and build amazing references.

December prize: Premium photoshop tutorials from Phlearn

Previous prize: Simple graphic editor from Snappa

Previous prize: Intuitive professional photo editor from Macphun

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Build amazing references: Pexels photos are frequently used in publications like Forbes, Buzzfeed and Mashable.

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What our users say about us

Finding your pictures in Forbes, HBR, Mashable, and even in the wild on billboards is awesome. Receiving donations and thank-yous from all over the world is heart-warming. It makes the Pexels community stand out!

Tim Guow Tim Guow

After half a year of uploading some of my work to Pexels, I had more than 5 million photo views and 20000 downloads, numbers I could never have dreamed of a few years ago.

Kai Pilger Kai Pilger

Thanks to Pexels I enjoy photography way more. The statistics, donations and community are helping a young photographer a lot!

Tuur Tisseghem Tuur Tisseghem

Millions of views, several donations and a lot of positive feedback from the community. Besides that Pexels knows how to treat and thank their photographers. Nothing but love for Pexels!

Ylanite Koppens Ylanite Koppens

I have more than 13 000 000 views and 55 000 downloads of my photos on Pexels. I'm not a pro photographer, just an amateur but seeing this stats... It just inspires me more than anything.

Anastasia Zhenina Anastasia Zhenina

About Pexels

Pexels is an open photography community which means all photos are contributed to the public domain and can be used by anyone for free. Pexels is perfect for photographers who want to build their brand and are willing to give away a few good photos to the community to support creatives all over the world and in exchange get access to a massive audience plus amazing perks as part of the Pexels Heroes program.

Pexels' mission is to help your photography reach the next level – to boost your brand, your reach, your skills, your career, your opportunities and the joy that your passion brings you.

Photos uploaded to Pexels are published under a free to use license. Please don't upload photos that you don't want to be published as free to use photos.

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