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The Future Of Work - Community Video Expired

In partnership with Remote Year – Remote Year brings together groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for a year or four months.


Remote Year has spent the last three years discovering what the future of work should look like. It's come in conversations, it's been discovered in destinations and has been enabled through technology partnering with community. Now we’re partnering with them to bring that vision into reality and to bring the work of tomorrow, today. We’re putting out a global call: submit a 10-15 second video clip of what the future of work looks like to you and we’re going to create the first ever, community built video. Uniting talent from around the world to help shine light on a more productive and peaceful future.

Video Submission Ideas:

  • Out of Office - Where are you opening you laptop for the day? Shot from a POV.
  • The Morning Commute - Record your morning commute, how inspiring are your surroundings?
  • After work? - What are you doing differently after work that your destination allows you to do?
  • Positive Impact - What positive difference does your work allow you to do?
  • Inspiring places - Where has your work taken you, the most picturesque place you've been?

Always shoot in Landscape/Horizontal and please don’t apply any filters or gradient.


What is the future of work?

  • Work and life seamlessly coexisting.
  • Disparate cultures become more united.
  • Celebrating our diversity.
  • Faraway places no longer beyond reach.
  • More time for adventure.
  • Digital nomads roam free.

The final movie will be widely distritbuted and all selected filmmakers will receive a special credit.

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