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Spotify Photo Challenge Expired

Judged by Matija - Sponsored by Spotify


Alternative pop band Matija is looking for 10 photos that will be a part of their new music video for their song Justify Your Love. The 10 winner photos will be printed and framed and will have special appearances in the music video. Out of the 10 photos a top winner will be chosen which will have the main role in the music video.

How to take part?
  1. Listen to Matija's song Justify Your Love in the Spotify widget below (it's the 10th song on the album)
  2. Create photos that you think fit the song (you are allowed to submit existing work)
  3. Submit your photos by uploading them to Pexels and adding the tag "justifyyourlove" in the upload form


All 10 winners will receive two prizes:

The one top photo out of the 10 winners will have the most prominent appearance in the music video. The music video will be shot in Paris in the beginning of February.

About Matija

Matija Logo Matija is an alternative pop band based in Munich, Germany. Their debut album Are We An Electric Generation Falling Apart? came out in Oct 2017.

Also check out the music video of their last single White Socks.

Matija Band Photo

Challenge Winners

Magda ehlers 777 Magda Ehlers Pexels photo 797724
Bf3247065d5d222437dc5aa06321a90a?60&d=mm Matej Pexels photo 801729
Ashish sonawane 848 Ashish Sonawane Pexels photo 802682
Martin damboldt 667 Martin Damboldt Pexels photo 802861
Joao jesus 530 João Jesus Pexels photo 808700
Jakob scholz 450 Jakob Scholz Pexels photo 808846
Afta putta gunawan 600 Afta Putta Gunawan Pexels photo 810041
Fernando favero 403 Fernando Favero Pexels photo 813534
Gustavo alcantara 974 Gustavo Alcantara Pexels photo 825875

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