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Everyday Reflections Expired

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True creativity doesn't require exotic destinations, professional models or the most expensive camera. It comes from being able to detect the beauty in every day life. Creatively using commonly found reflections (e.g. puddles, mirrors, windows) can add a unique twist to an image and introduce otherwise impossible perspectives. 

Introducing this new element can help you break out of your normal shooting style and challenge you outside of your comfort zone to see things differently from photos that are traditionally composed from a one point-of-view. Show us your creativity through everyday reflections for the chance to win a prism set from Get Fractals that will enhance your photography game even further. 


Fractals are specialty camera filters designed for prism photography and videography.  Fractals bend light as it enters the lens, making them capable of creating effects that can either subtly complement a subject or create blow-out kaleidoscope-like distortions.  Shooters all over the world use Fractals to create incredible art in genres like portrait, wedding, and concert photography.

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