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Everyday People Expired

Judged by Out Of The Phone – You shoot, we make your book.


The stock photography industry has a serious problem. It’s difficult to find high-quality images on stock photo websites that represent diverse cultural, ethnic and gender groups. This photo campaign Everyday People is meant to encourage photographers to submit more images that offer a real representation of everyday life, of everyday people. We're looking for images depicting the normal things we do in life — having breakfast, playing ball, leading a meeting, or reading a book.

Why is this important? Every day, designers and major media outlets visit sites like Pexels to pull images that will be widely redistributed throughout the internet. Showcasing diversity needs to happen more in the media and Pexels needs to make it easier. 

Read more about our Quest For Diversity In Stock Media.

And yes, we encourage you to play that track, "Everyday People" by Sly & The Family Stone. ✌️




Fine Art Photo Book

Out Of The Phone will select their favorite photos and print tailor-made photo books for each winner. Each handcrafted photo book can hold 20-30 of your photographs.

Challenge Winners

Úrsula Madariaga
Dazzle Jam
Guduru Ajay bhargav
Arantxa Treva
Joana Vittoria

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