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Classic Black and White
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$200 cash prize
The Pexels curation team will choose one winner to receive a $200 USD cash prize.
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Black and white photography always has such a timeless feel. Ever since color photography first came on the scene, photographers have continued to shoot black and white for the special look it gives to all genres of photo, from portraits to street scenes to landscapes.

Black and white is a reliable choice for giving a more serious and editorial feel to portraits, and it can take a regular outdoor snapshot to the next level. In all genres of photography, shooting black and white encourages you to get creative and think hard about composition and contrast.

In this challenge we want to see your most classic snaps shot in black and white. All types of photo and video are welcome, and the winner takes home a $200 cash prize.

Tips & Conditions
  1. Each photo or video submitted to this challenge until 30 Nov 16:47 will take part.
  2. Upload as many relevant photos and videos as you want to increase your chances of winning.
  3. All photos and videos get published under the Pexels License and can be used for free.
  4. Only upload your own photos and videos.
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Win a $200 cash prize
The Pexels curation team will choose one winner to receive a $200 USD cash prize.
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