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The World Around You
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GoPro Hero 8 (USD$399.99 value)
The Pexels curation team will choose the best video to win a GoPro Hero 8 camera (USD$399.99 value).
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We want to see your best videos of the world around you—show us your local culture! From fashion to food to city streets, this contest is about videos that show what everyday life and culture are like in your community.

Typeform is sponsoring this video challenge to celebrate the launch of VideoAsk, a new way for businesses and brands to connect to their audiences using the power of video. Pexels has teamed up with VideoAsk to bring our beautiful video library to their platform—find out more here. The winner will get to take home a GoPro Hero 8 to shoot more video wherever they go.
Consells i condicions
  1. Tots els vídeos enviats a aquest repte fins el dia 15 de Nov 11:20 en formaran part.
  2. Carrega tants vídeos rellevants com vulguis per augmentar les possibilitats de guanyar.
  3. Tots els vídeos es publiquen sota la Llicència de Pexels i es poden fer servir gratuïtament.
  4. Carrega només els teus vídeos.
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VideoAsk by Typeform
Effortlessly create video forms that are 10x more personal.
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