What happens when you’re #1 on Designer News

Last week we posted Pexels on Designer News. We were on place one for about 12 hours. We got 48 upvotes and 16 comments were written. In this article I will share some insights about the DN users and what happend when we were featured.

Designer News is a small design community and a great place to find articles, websites and videos about design. It has only 6,900 registered members, but the impact of being #1 on DN is quite large (Update: I got an email from Matt from LayerVault, actually DN has 17,000 registred users. Sorry for making it smaller than it is ;).


Some stats about the users directly from Designer News:

  • 1900 users
  • 5600 pageviews
  • 1:40min average session duration
  • 60% bounce rate


Thanks to some users who shared our website in all kinds of social media platforms we got even more visitors and also one mention in a blog.

  • Featured by SitePoint (500 users)
  • About 50 Tweets
  • 100 users from Google+
  • 1000 users from Facebook
  • Up to 80 page views per minute

Adham Dannaway heard of Pexels on Designer News and tweeted about it:

All in all over 6,000 users through being #1 on Designer News!

Demographics and other Stats

The typical Designer News user is a 30-year-old man from the US, MacBook user and surfs the web with Chrome (and hates IE).

  • Operating System
    1. 83% Mac
    2. 11% Windows
  • Devices
    1. 95% Desktop
    2. 4% Mobile
    3. 1% Tablet
  • Browser
    1. 88% Chrome
    2. 11% Safari
    3. […]
    4. 0% IE (!)
  • Countries
    1. 40% United States
    2. 10% Great Britain
    3. 5% Canada
    4. 4% Germany
    5. 4% Netherlands
  • Language
    1. 85% English

75% of the users were between 25 and 34 years old and only 8.8% were female

Thank you DN

Thanks for being a great platform for inspiring posts and being such a great community.

If you have any further questions leave a comment.


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