Websites Every Designer Should Know

This article lists different websites and tools designers should know and I use regularly during my daily work.


Depending on what I do I visit different sources for inspiration. Dribbble is perfect for high quality designs and Line25 is awesome to get inspired by magnificent websites.


To sight beautiful typefaces you can also look at the sources from the point before. More inspiration for types are available on Typespiration. With this collection you will find well designed typefaces for almost every purpose. This collection follows the same concept but it has a few more typefaces. Another source is a website from Hellohappy. It is a showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.


There are a lot of sources for icons. One I check out all the time is Iconmonstr. They have a lot very simple icons. Another great source is Smashing Magazine. They have shared some packs with colorful and more detailed icons. To create icon fonts I recommend Fontastic. There you can choose from over 9,000 icons from different icon packs and upload your own icons from other sources.


Gimp is a good and free Photoshop alternative. I use it to edit photos and make them look better. If I design a website I use Inkscape to make the first prototype design. It is a very simple tool for sketches. If you are a Mac user and you need a more professional tool I recommend Sketch (but it is not for free).

Web Apps

My first web app tip for you is Flatuicolors. It is a collection of some nice colors that I use as a basis for every project. A more detailed color picker I like is Paletton. It is great to find color pairs that fit together.

Another amazing tool is With it you can reduce the size of images. Either lossless or lossy but with a higher reduction. It is important every time I want to embedded a photo to a website, to reduce the load time.


There are many blogs that publishes regularly nice articles. One of them is Smashing Magazine. This blog is not only about Design but with case studies and other interesting stuff it is a very good blog for designers and especially for web designers.

Another blog or more a publisher platform is Medium. Here you can read interesting articles from manifold authors. Design/UX is a collection of all design related articles on Medium. And there are a lot more collections about this topic. Just use the search to find what you are interested in.


I use several news websites to stay up to date and get informed if an awesome article is published on the web. One website that I visit almost every day is Designer News. I like the useful link tips and the inspirational discussions.

One newsletter that arrives in my inbox is Sidebar. With it I get useful links to great new resources and articles about design.


There are a lot of sources for free beautiful photos you can use everywhere without any copyright restrictions. But we try to collect all of them in one place on Pexels. With the integrated search it is very easy to find pictures that you like.

For fun and your break

Check out to find interesting and funny websites you can browse through during your break. It is also quite helpful to get inspired and for instance to learn how to handle with bezier curves.

Which tools and websites do you recommend?

Ingo Joseph

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