5 killer CSS talks of 2014

Five talks which cover performance, new techniques, fun facts and the future of how we will structure our CSS code.

Web Components & the Future of CSS

When Philip Walton found out about Web Components, a light bulb went off and he started to think about how these tools were going to make writing CSS so much better.

CSS And The Critical Path

It covers a range of techniques the Guardian is using to make their CSS load as fast as possible, and ultimately keeping it off the critical path.

CSS Performance Tooling

Another talk about perfomance. High-performance sites need to feel instant and deliver the goods in less than 1000ms. In this talk, learn about the bleeding edge tools that can automate keeping your CSS on the fast path. Automate generating critical-path CSS, removing unused CSS, discovering duplicate selectors, colors and more.

3.14 things I didn’t know about CSS

This talk will showcase a series of obscure CSS fun facts, such as CSS syntax gimmicks and quirks, weird tricks that involve CSS in one way or another, and security vulnerabilities that are enabled by (ab)using CSS in unexpected ways.

Figuring Out Responsive Images

A short screencast about how we can make responsive images work. This video figures out wich method you should use.


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