The Best Phone Wallpapers Curated by Pexels

We all spend so much time looking at our phones — why not make your screen time a bit more inspiring with a beautiful phone wallpaper?

The right background image can really transform your phone. Between work and social obligations — not to mention checking the news and your IG follower count — the smartphone can sometimes be a bit of a stressful place.

This is where finding your ideal wallpaper for your phone comes in. You can bring some much-needed calm to your screen with a soothing nature scene, or maybe get inspiration flowing with a creative background image.

Below, we've chosen some of our favorite free background options for when you need to amp up your phone aesthetics.

Landscape photos

This epic mountain scene would make a perfect phone background.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger · View Photo

Landscape photography is a clear favorite for phone wallpapers, and for good reason: a stunning landscape image like this one can really transport you out of your everyday routine and elevate your mood.

Inspirational images

Keep yourself motivated with some words of inspiration.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva · View Photo

Why not give yourself a little boost of encouragement whenever you pull your phone out? Sounds like a great idea to us, and an inspirational wallpaper is a great way to do it for free.

Nature close-ups

Go green with this lovely, leafy close-up for your phone wallpaper.

Photo by Nothing Ahead · View Photo

Just as an epic landscape photo can take you on a virtual vacation, nature images also make excellent free phone wallpapers. Opt for a close-up of lush leaves, grass, or flowers to turn your phone into a garden in your pocket.

Colorful captures

Liven up your background with a neon-bright image.

Photo by Alexander Ant · View Photo

Add a fun pop of color to your background with a rainbow-hued photo. Whether it's an Android or iPhone wallpaper you're after, boldly colorful photos always bring personality to your device.

Minimal backgrounds

Keep thing simple with this beautiful coastal view.

Photo by Todd Trapani · View Photo

Maybe you're someone who prefers to keep thing simple. Make sure your phone matches your minimalist lifestyle with a minimal background image.

Architecture snaps

Bring inspiration to your screen with architecture photography.

Photo by Brayden Law · View Photo

Show off your love for architecture with a creative phone wallpaper like this one — architecture photos can bring great visual inspiration to your screen.

Abstract images

An abstract background like this one adds great texture to your phone screen.

Photo by Dids · View Photo

Seeking an iPhone, Google, or Samsung wallpaper that feels tailor-made for your device? An abstract background can really blend into the, well, background — keeping the focus on your favorite apps.

Creative compositions

Show off your creative side with an artistic phone background choice.

Photo by Ruvim · View Photo

A creative phone wallpaper adds a touch of inspiration to your screen. Find an artistic image that matches your creative personality.

Texture backgrounds

This up-close beach capture makes for a lush phone wallpaper.

Photo by Anete Lusina · View Photo

Sometimes you just want something with a classic "phone wallpaper" feeling! You can't go wrong with a simple stone texture background; there's something undeniably soothing about this kind of imagery, whether it's a sandy beach or just a picturesque wall.

Cute animal wallpapers

Smiles are guaranteed with a phone background like this one.

Photo by Anna Shvets · View Photo

We may have saved the best for last here... An dorable dog, cute cat, or any other photogenic animal of your choosing make an ideal phone wallpaper that'll lift up your mood every time you see it.

Cover photo by Mirco violent blur.

Written by the Pexels Team · Apr 27

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