Mario Parussini Captures Modern Life on Vintage Super 8 Film

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There's definitely something magical about Super 8 film, not least the fact that it's not so easy to get ahold of a working Super 8 camera and the film it requires. For Mario Parussini, a marketer based in Sydney Australia, the Super 8 obsession started as soon as he found an old Super 8 camera at a vintage shop.

It's easy to see the visual appeal of Super 8 footage: it's beautifully grainy, slightly jerky, and feels just like an old film. Even the most regular, everyday moments in modern life take on a perfectly cinematic feel when viewed through Super 8 clips.

We talked to Mario to find out more about his Life on Super 8 film project and why he loves the uncertainty of working with analog film.

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Pexels: How did you get started with photography?

Mario: I’ve been filming Super 8 footage for two years now.

I used to film plenty on my Canon a long time ago, but I one day found a Super 8 camera at a secondhand store and fell in love. I haven’t filmed through any other medium since.

What camera gear do you use?

Since Super 8 cameras are out of production these days I use an old school Braun Nizo 206XL. It was refurbished in Germany and sent down pre-Covid.

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What's your favorite thing to shoot, and why?

I like shooting sunsets mostly. It’s true for all photos and film but Super 8 really seems to pop during golden hour.

What inspires your work?

I’m inspired by the unknown of Super 8 film. I can capture what I think will be a beautiful shot but I don’t know until the film is processed and digitized.

It’s a mini adventure every time you go out shooting. You could literally come back with unusable footage or an absolute gold mine.

Tell us about your favorite work on your Pexels profile.

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I really like this shot. The colors came out so nice and there is just something about the donut ring floating there. A bit cliche, but it feels slightly melancholic.

Who are some other photographers or artists who inspire your work?

I follow a lot of Super 8 film enthusiasts on Instagram who are continuing the legacy of the analog format:

I mainly take inspiration from film and TV. If I see an awesome shot, framed perfectly, I try and re-create it through my film.

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What is one goal you have for your photography?

I’m going to cheat and reply with two goals.

The first is to film the world again through the lens of a Super 8 camera. There are many monuments and natural wonders that would look stunning on Super 8 film.

The second is to film a short feature with Super 8 footage. I’m a while away from doing that, and realistically may never get there, but it’s a dream nonetheless.

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Video by Life On Super 8 · View Video

Video by Life On Super 8 · View Video

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Written by the Pexels Team · Jun 16

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