The Best Desktop Wallpapers Curated by Pexels

Given how much time we spend on the computer, the right wallpaper is important.

Your computer wallpaper can be a source of inspiration, with lively colors or a fun theme bringing creativity to your work. Or maybe you're seeking a peaceful background that can bring a sense of calm to the hectic workday.

We've rounded up some of the most popular computer wallpaper themes on Pexels and curated the best photos for you to download and use on your desktop.

Outdoor landscapes

This beautiful mountain scene would add excitement to your desktop.

Photo by Roberto Nickson · View Photo

You can't go wrong with a stunning natural landscape as wallpaper for your computer. Whether it's a mountain vista, a waterfall, or a beach view, a nature wallpaper will liven up your desktop.

Green fields

Turn your computer into an oasis of calm with a serene background image like this one.

Photo by Scott Webb · View Photo

There's a good reason that famous Windows XP background "Bliss" was such a hit. A simple green field makes for a lovely computer wallpaper, adding a sense of serenity to your desktop.

Pastel tones

Keep it simple with this striking yet minimal pastel wallpaper.

Photo by Moose Photos · View Photo

For those who like to keep their desktop minimal and tidy, a simple wallpaper is a must. A pastel wallpaper is a great option for bringing a minimalist feel to your computer.

Starry skies

Astrophotography brings fascinating color and texture to your desktop background.

Photo by Philippe Donn · View Photo

Choose a stunning space wallpaper to give your computer desktop an adventurous feel.

Lovely flowers

Brighten up your wallpaper with a touch of colorful nature.

Photo by Irina Iriser · View Photo

A flower wallpaper is an excellent choice to bring vibrant color and a calm feeling to your computer background.

Furry friends

This charming dog is sure to brighten up even the dullest work day from your desktop.

Photo by mark glancy · View Photo

Cute animal wallpapers are always a favorite choice when you want a computer wallpaper guaranteed to make you smile.

Abstract artistry

Show off your creative side with an abstract background.

Photo by Anni Roenkae · View Photo

Choose an artistic, abstract wallpaper for your desktop to bring inspiration to your day.

Need for speed

Give your computer wallpaper a fast-paced feeling with a car background.

Photo by Abdulwahab Alawadhi · View Photo

Love cars? Show it off with a fun car wallpaper. Find an image with your dream ride or a cool vintage car and add some unique personality to your desktop.

Cover image by Aviv Perets.

Written by the Pexels Team · Jun 29

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The Best Desktop Wallpapers Curated by Pexels
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