The Best New Contributors on Pexels: March 2021

Every day, incredible photographers and videographers from all over the world start sharing their work on Pexels. We're highlighting our favorites in this ongoing series.

The Pexels community is always growing, with talented new folks joining us from every continent on the globe. Pexels is all about helping people grow their creative work, and we're always looking for new ways to help photographers get noticed.

Our curation team has chosen these Pexels community members as their favorite new contributors. Give these photographers a follow if you love their work too!

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Photo by Mariana Montrazi · View Photo

Mariana Montrazi



Why we love their work

Mariana's sharing some truly spectacular black and white portraits on her Pexels profile. Shooting in analog, she creates work that's equal parts eerie and beautiful.

Follow Mariana on Pexels.

Photo by Olya Prutskova · View Photo

Olya Prutskova



Why we love their work

We're captivated by the daring, neon-colored portraits Olya's sharing on her profile. She offers a creative take on editorial shoots.

Follow Olya on Pexels.

Photo by Vadimsadovski · View Photo




Why we love their work

We highly recommend Vadimsadovski's profile for anyone who loves moody shots.

Follow Vadimsadovski.

Photo by Monica Turlui · View Photo

Monica Turlui



Why we love their work

It's hard to resist the carefree, colorful vibe of Monica's photos. From lazy days in the countryside to picturesque city hangouts, she captures a dreamy view on life.

Follow Monica on Pexels.

Photo by Jhon Ferreira · View Photo

Jhon Ferreira



Why we love their work

Jhon's profile is full of creative portraits with unique flair — lots of inspiration for anyone who love portraiture.

Follow Jhon on Pexels.

Cover photo by Mariana Montrazi.

Written by the Pexels Team · Apr 01

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