5 Photographers to Follow for Incredible Wildlife Snaps

From Australia to South Africa, these photographers document the beauty of wildlife with a creative eye.

Wildlife photography takes a special sort of skill — you need to be patient and observant and you're working with photo subjects who don't take any direction. That's why we particularly admire the photographers that are able to bring their own style to capturing animals on camera.

These five Pexels contributors all deliver tons of wildlife photo inspiration. Feel inspired to photograph some animals yourself? We're currently looking for the best wildlife photography in our photo challenge with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Share your animal snaps, help raise awareness for animal welfare, and you could win up to $1,000 in prizes.

Join the challenge now here until March 31.

Valeriia Miller

Nature lover Valeriia can often be found shooting outdoor scenes and natural textures around her home in Sydney, but she's also a wildlife photo pro, with loads of painfully cute Aussie animals documented on her Pexels page. Cuddly kaolas, kangaroos, and colorful birds make for some not-to-be-missed images of wildlife down under.

Follow Valeriia on Pexels.

Ray Bicliff

UK photographer Ray creates imagery with a high-contrast, high-drama feel, whether he's shooting lightning-streaked skies or close-ups of reptiles. There's a cinematic look to many of his shots, and an energy that really draws you into the scene.

Follow Ray on Pexels.

Elianne Dipp

We love a good underwater photo shoot, and Bali photographer Elianne shares some truly incredible images of whales, seals, and other sea creatures on her profile. Follow her for ocean inspiration that'll leave you dreaming of a scuba diving session.

Follow Elianne on Pexels.

Frank Cone

Based in Washington State, Frank Cone is a "photographer of many things," as he puts it in his Pexels bio. Which is true, and we do love his night sky snaps and dramatic landscapes — but it's his wildlife imagery that especially caught our eye. From majestic birds to cute woodland creatures, Frank captures animals with a carefull eye for composition that really pays off.

Follow Frank on Pexels.

Magda Ehlers

A visit to Magda's Pexels profile is like a little mini South African holiday — expect to see lions, lemurs, zebras, elephants, and many more captivating animals captured in her true-to-life wildlife snapshots and videos. We're not alone in loving Magda's wildlife imagery: with over 500 million views on her photos, it's safe to say she's got a few well-deserved fans.

Follow Magda on Pexels.

Cover photo by Valeriia Miller.

Written by the Pexels Team · Mar 18

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5 Photographers to Follow for Incredible Wildlife Snaps
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