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All Our Favorite Photos from Pexelspalooza 2020

Pexelspalooza 2020 was our biggest challenge series yet, with over $15,000 in incredible prizes from 10 challenges. These are all the photos that stuck with us after the challenge ended.

You've already seen the incredible winning photos from Pexelspalooza 2020. (If you haven't yet—here's the full story!) Now it's time to meet the honorable mentions.

These talented photographers captured our attention and we're definitely going to be following the photos they share next. Give them a follow here on Pexels if you like what you see.

People, presented by Lensbaby

The winning shot.

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola · View Photo

This image really captures the subject's mood.

Photo by Caique Nascimento · View Photo

Your City, presented by Parrot

The winning shot.

Photo by Styles Thien · View Photo

A neat little window into a moment of city life.

Photo by zhang kaiyv · View Photo

Masked joggers, perfectly capturing the Covid-19 mood.

Photo by Jason Tsang · View Photo

The vibrant colors and creative angle here set this shot apart.

Photo by Matteus Silva · View Photo

Adventure, presented by Lexar

The winning shot.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop · View Photo

This epic underwater composition feels like it could be a painting.

Photo by Orfeas Tim · View Photo

A simple yet beautiful shot that puts you in the mood for an outdoor journey.

Photo by Roberto Shumski · View Photo

A not-so-simple shot capturing the excitement of underground exploration.

Photo by Tommy Milanese · View Photo

Travel, presented by U by Uniworld

The winning shot.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop · View Photo

These rocks were made for the perfect aerial shot.

Photo by Manuel Moreno · View Photo

We love the gorgeous color of this sunset capture.

Photo by Murilo Fonseca · View Photo

Masterpiece, presented by The COOPH & Red Bull Illume

The winning shot.

Photo by Bianca Salgado · View Photo

Simple yet creative, this shot elevates everyday life to masterpiece level.

Photo by Otavio · View Photo

This image looks like a still from a movie we'd love to watch.

Photo by EYÜP BELEN · View Photo

Light, presented by Lume Cube

The winning shots.

Photo by Andrea Zanenga · View Photo

Photo by Marcello Rocchesso · View Photo

The colors here feel simply out of this world.

Photo by Delilah Rayma · View Photo

Lighting adds great drama to this enigmatic scene.

Photo by Vladislav Murashko · View Photo

An evocative and abstract use of light for a powerful image.

Photo by Mathias Reding · View Photo

Film, presented by Polaroid

Backstage beauty, expertly captured on film.

Photo by Alexandra Folster · View Photo

Finding some beauty in an everyday landscape.

Photo by Viktor Mogilat · View Photo

This snowy composition is just too perfect.

Photo by Lukas Schulz · View Photo

Emotion, presented by Sony

The winning shot.

Photo by Collis · View Photo

A truly emotional image.

Photo by Jude Robinett · View Photo

This image is full of real feeling.

Photo by Joshua Mcknight · View Photo

Nature, presented by Lowepro and Gitzo

The winning shot.

Photo by Gelatin · View Photo

We love the detail in this bird's-eye image.

Photo by Casian Mitu · View Photo

It's not often you see such a thoughtful portrait of a tiger.

Photo by Subhadeep Kundu · View Photo

Creative Motion, presented by Manfrotto and JOBY

The winning video.

Video by Steven Van Elk · View Video

This video really captures the calm of the forest scene.

Video by Matthias Groeneveld · View Video

A creative, almost abstract landscape composition.

Video by Rhys Abel · View Video

Simple yet beautiful motion capture.

Video by Engin Akyurt · View Video

Written by the Pexels Team · Jan 20

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