CSS Only Loaders

In this article we showcase some examples of progressbars, loading indicators and CSS spinners built purely with CSS – without JavaScript and without images. 1. Google/Material Design Loader See the Pen xbwVXJ by brunjo (@brunjo) on CodePen. 2. It’s Loading… See the Pen Loading Text Animation by brunjo (@brunjo) on CodePen. Click “RERUN” to see…

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What happens when you’re #1 on Designer News

Last week we posted Pexels on Designer News. We were on place one for about 12 hours. We got 48 upvotes and 16 comments were written. In this article I will share some insights about the DN users and what happend when we were featured. Designer News is a small design community and a great…

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Webdesigner Tools

Websites Every Designer Should Know

This article lists different websites and tools designers should know and I use regularly during my daily work. Inspiration Depending on what I do I visit different sources for inspiration. Dribbble is perfect for high quality designs and Line25 is awesome to get inspired by magnificent websites. Typography To sight beautiful typefaces you can also…

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