Meet Hero of the Week Louis Vizet

Winding road going through autumn forest.

Welcome to Hero of the Week, an ongoing series sharing stories from some of the best photographers in the Pexels community. 

This week we’re diving into Louis Vizet’s photo world. The French photographer, who hails from Limoges, is currently studying marketing and communications. Outdoor vistas are a frequent feature of his photography, which is often gorgeously moody. “I don’t really have one favorite type, I just like to shoot what I want,” Louis says of his photo style. “But recently I’ve been more into nature and portraits.”

Louis first began shooting three years ago. “I started with my iPhone, like many people,” he tells us. “I got into photography thanks to my best friend who is also a photographer.” Currently the Nikon D7100 is his camera of choice.

There’s a cinematic quality to Louis’ work that suggests a hidden story behind each photo. The images we’ve selected here could easily be enigmatic stills from some movie shot in a lush, greenery-filled setting. But Louis says he simply takes inspiration from his daily surroundings: “the colors, the light, the moment.”

“What I love about photography is that it enables me to capture memories forever—memories that will never be forgotten.” For Louis, taking photos is a way of making an everyday moment last. “It’s my creative outlet,” he adds. “Like I often say, I don’t know how to draw or paint. But capturing colors and lights, and then playing with them, is very soothing.”

Louis has some sound advice for other photographers as well: “When you’re editing your photos, try to do it with music. It gives so much energy.”

Follow Louis on Pexels and on Instagram at @louis.vizet.

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Woman in denim jacket leaning against wooden fence in front of river.

Person in yellow raincoat walking through dark forest.

Silhouette of person backflipping off of dock into water at dusk.

Brown-haired woman with her face obscured by pine branches.

Car driving through foggy dark forest.

Silhouette on person kicking sand on the beach against a yellow sky.

Brown and white building hidden behind dark green plants.

Person in yellow raincoat standing on dock.

Red-haired woman seen behind car window.

Bird's eye view of dark green forest.


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