Meet Hero of the Week Caroline Cagnin

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We’re excited to announce a brand new weekly series here on Pexels. Every week, we’ll be highlighting one talented member of our Pexels Hero community. 

We’re kicking off the Hero of the Week with this feature on photographer Caroline Cagnin. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Caroline has a focus on architecture and street photography. We’re seriously captivated by her work—her photography shows the kind of thoughtful eye for composition and detail that make you feel you’re right there in the street scene she’s captured.

“I’ve been shooting for three years now,” Caroline says. “I actually bought my first camera—Canon T5i—for video, but I fell in love with photography and never stopped since then.” She nows shoots most often with a Canon M5 and a 17-55mm Sigma lens.

Cities are a major inspiration for Caroline, who frequently turns her lens on the architecture of São Paulo.  “I always liked how cities work,” she tells us. “Movement, chaos, traffic, noise… For normal people this might be a nightmare, but for me it’s my workspace, it’s where I feel alive.”

We asked Caroline what advice she would share with another photographer, and her reply is actually a great reminder no matter what kind of creative work you do: “The process of being original and creative starts when you wake up and finishes when you fall asleep. Everything you do in your life can be an inspiration; it only depends on your perspective.”

Follow Caroline on Pexels and Instagram at @cacxcagnin.

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