How To Gain Followers And Grow Your Photography Brand With Instagram

“If you’re only getting your inspiration from Instagram, your photos are going to start looking like everyone else’s. I get inspiration through other visual art – by going to museums.” Pei Ketron

At Pexels, we’ve heard from a number of photographers wanting advice on how to advance their photography career and leverage tools like Instagram. To offer the best tips possible, Head of Community at Pexels, Monica Silvestre, sat down for a tell-all chat with Pei Ketron, illustrious photographer and Instagrammer with over 800K followers.

This Q&A is sure to help you improve your Instagram presence and adopt the best strategies and practices for Instagram success.

Interview Highlights (by the minute)
3:00 – How Pei went from being a full-time teacher to photographer.
7:00 – Instagram advice for people who are just starting out.
10:50 – Pei’s Instagram gets her hired by big name clients like Mercedes, Apple, Adobe… can you guess the type of camera she uses in almost all of her posts?
13:24 – Pei talks about her go-to arsenal of hardware and software. “If I shoot it on my phone, I have to edit it on my phone.”
18:20 – Why do some photos perform really well while others don’t?
22:00 – How the pros use hashtags to increase likes and followers.
30:00 – How to build engagement through your captions and comments.
33:10 – Best days and times to post.
38:00 – Best (and worst) photo trends.
43:30 – How you can meet Pei and take her classes.
45:00 – Best resources for finding photo inspiration

Follow Pei (@pketron) and her dogs (@lunapoop).

☞ Pei’s Picks ☜

Photo editing apps & hashtag helper:
» Priime
» Snapseed
» Touch Retouch
» Lightroom CC

» Moment Lens
» Joby Griptight Micro Stand

Current favorite Instagram accounts:
» @womenphotograph (also great to follow on Twitter)
» @yourpalmarcus
» @niravphotography
» @paul_johnstone
» @stickylittleleaves


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