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Valeriia Miller's Unique View of Australia

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Photographer Valeriia Miller relocated to Brisbane, Australia more than a year ago. She's a custom photographer at an Australia-based graphic design company and also does some graphic design in her spare time.

Valeriia got more seriously into photography since her move, and has been documenting all the scenic moments of life in Australia, from hanging out with kangaroos to colorful ocean sunsets.

She shared her photography story with us—including how Pexels helped her grow her creative work.

How long have you been taking photos, and how did you get started?

I always liked photography, but only last summer I took this up more seriously. I started posting my photos on Pexels and this incredible platform gave me some self confidence; became my creative breakthrough.

My portfolio has formed in reflection of my interests and values. And not long after that, I started to work as a photographer.

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What cameras and lenses do you use?

For last two years, my trusty friends were Google Nexus 5X, and after Google Pixel 3. All my photos which were originally uploaded to Pexels were taken on a smartphone. And only a couple of months ago I spent all my money on camera equipment. Now I'm shooting on Fujifilm X-T3 and XF 35mm f / 1.4.

What are your favorite locations or subjects to shoot?

My ever-favorite location is nature. I really like to photograph plants, flowers, and animals—from a small leaf in the sunlight to a cute kangaroo. Atmospheric shots can also happen while walking around the city and going for coffee. Lifestyle photography is among my favorite things to do.

I love to feel the shot. For me, the photography is a moment, atmosphere, and inner state. You can catch a shot of the same, but in different ways. A feeling inside, shown outside.

Who are some other photographers or artists that inspire your work?

At the moment, I am not among those who can answer this question with a specific name. I look at many talented photographers on Pexels and Instagram, get inspired by their work, and bring something new to my photos.

Could you share a favorite photo from your Pexels profile? Why is this one your favorite?

Probably this one would be my favorite. I like the atmosphere on this image of my dear friend Alin.

Photo by Valeriia Miller · View Photo

I always want to take a long look at these traces on the fogged window and the facial details that are visible through it. Looking at this, you unwillingly think about something truly important in your life.

What are you working on right now in terms of photo projects?

Outside work projects I am deepening my knowledge in studio photography equipment. It is important for me to find a balance between all this stuff and not to lose my sense of a shot.

I also really want to devote more time to portrait shooting and tell interesting stories through photography.

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Photo by Valeriia Miller · View Photo

Photo by Valeriia Miller · View Photo

Photo by Valeriia Miller · View Photo

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Written by the Pexels Team · May 19

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