Discover the Best Videos on Pexels: Timelapses, Galaxies, and More

As you might have heard, Pexels is now home to stock videos as well as still images. Since our video launch, we’ve been so impressed by the incredible quality of the videos shared on Pexels.

We’ve been curating some of the most interesting stock videos on Pexels so far and featuring these clips in a new YouTube series. Whether you’re on the hunt for great stock videos to use on your blog, in a marketing clip, or as part of your newest music video, these compilations will help you get inspired.

So far, we’ve discovered some really stunning drone videos, timelapses, and shots of the planets and galaxy that are sure to lend a spark to your next motion project.

We’ve also found some amazing videos featuring Chicago—what city do you think we should do a video feature on next? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to highlight your latest videos in an upcoming compilation.

Wondering how to create your own videos? We’ve got you covered with this how-to clip:

Cover image by Brett Sayles on Pexels.


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