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The Blue State of Mind: Jeremy Bishop's Photography

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The blue state of mind is the idea that being near the water makes people calmer—whether or not it's really backed by science, it's hard to dispute that there is something peaceful about spending time by the coast.

Photographer Jeremy Bishop captures that meditative feeling of sitting by the sea in his contemplative outdoor photography. Based out of beautiful San Luis Obispo, California, Jeremy's perfectly situated to shoot idyllic ocean scenes. He's been photographing for three years.

"I first found my passion with photography while GoPro was getting big and it became easier for me to capture surf and underwater sports," says Jeremy.

After college, he travelled for two years, and that's when he got really hooked on photography. "I became obsessed with capturing the beauty of every city, specifically the coast."

While Jeremy shoots a range of subjects, the ocean is what inspires him the most. "That was my first passion in photography," he says. From there, he expanded into outdoor photography in general. "When it comes to outdoor photography I am most inspired by the texture and patterns of the earth."

Hawaii is his favorite place to shoot. "There are so many high class surf breaks and diving locations there. I have been so many times and it never lets me down."

Jeremy's favorite Pexels shot is the incredible capture of a pod of dolphins at the top of this piece. "It was the first time I swam with dolphins. I will never forget the moment and how playful the dolphins were the whole time. They swam around me playing what looked like catch for an hour. And I was able to capture my best image there on Big Island."

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Written by the Pexels Team · Nov 19

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