5 Questions With: Lizzie Peirce

From lush tones and breathtaking landscapes to cinematic video production, there is no doubt that Toronto based photographer/videographer Lizzie Peirce has established a distinctive style. She is currently the producer and director of Know Hau Media, an award-winning video production and creative marketing agency that has worked with major companies such as Mercedes Benz and Corona. With an impressive Instagram page of 33k+ followers and an ever-growing YouTube channel keeping her busy, we had the privilege of asking her a few questions about her journey and how was able to escape the typical 9-5 lifestyle to work as a full time creative.



1. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I am a 25-year-old video producer, photographer, and entrepreneur from Toronto Canada. I studied at Ryerson University in the RTA School of Media program.

2. Who/what were your biggest influences that got you started in what you do?

My boyfriend Chris was a huge support when I decided to get into photography and videography seriously.  I had always been interested in editing and video producing (which are still huge parts of my career), but I may not have taken the leap into picking up a camera and working for myself without his encouragement. I started YouTube because I noticed that there were very few girls in the videography/photography space online. Although I was hesitant in portraying myself as a person who “knows it all”, I quickly realized that I didn’t have to be that. I could be myself and that female presence to show other girls that you can do anything you want to, but still be always learning. Again, Chris and my friend Lucy were huge supporters helping me to build an online presence.

3. What has been the most memorable project you’ve worked on and why?

I’m going to list two. :) The first is a project we worked on with a company called Tecla. They make assistive devices for people with limited mobility from the shoulders down. It works as a middleman between the controllers on their electronic wheelchair to connect them to and allow them to use touchscreen devices. We flew to Seattle to interview Todd (a Tecla user) and told his story of how he used Tecla to “sext” his now wife. We had so much fun developing this story and coming up with different angles to get the story featured. It was very well received, I felt proud to help tell Todd’s story, and I was happy to get the word about Tecla out there. The second project I’d like to mention is the short film I made called, “The Secret of Travel” that I filmed while Chris and I were on a trip to Iceland. Not much to say other than I’m extremely proud of this piece, it felt very organic to make, and I want to make more like it.

4. Take us on a walk-through of your go-to camera gear. What are your must-haves while traveling?

A drone, a gimbal (I usually convince Chris to bring his ronin. Too heavy for me but he’s a good sport to shoot anything I need with it), a 70-200 f2.8 GM, 24-70 GM, and my joby. I’m in the market for a 16-35 that I’ll be adding to the kit though! I also like to throw in one of those little Aputure pocket lights. I can’t always bring everything when I’m traveling so these are my go-to’s.

5. What is the best advice you’ve received in your career so far? If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self just starting to find your passion/purpose in the creative field, what would you say?

Always think why not? Usually, the reasons why you should do something are much more powerful than the reasons why not. Just try! Don’t write things off because they seem to far out of reach. I wish I would’ve started my YouTube channel so much earlier than I did!

Connect with Lizzie and find out more about her upcoming work:

Instagram: @lizziepeirce
YouTube: /c/lizziepeirce
Company: www.knowhaumedia.com


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