Q&A With Pexels Photography Curator: Daria Shevtsova

Like many of the great art galleries and museums, Pexels has a curation team responsible for reviewing all the photos submitted daily (over 2000 images per day!). Daria and the rest of the curation team are the first set of eyes on all images submitted to Pexels and the final nod on which images get…

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The Quest For Diversity In Stock Media

Our industry has a serious problem. It’s difficult to find high-quality images on stock photo websites that represent diverse cultural, ethnic and gender groups. As one of the world’s most trafficked free stock photography websites, Pexels has an important responsibility to offer a diverse photo library. That way, when companies like Forbes, Mashable, and Buzzfeed search our…

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New Product Feature: +Follow Your Favorite Photographers

As of today, you can now start following your favorite photographers on Pexels. Getting started is as easy as one click. Next time you’re on a photographer’s profile, click the blue Follow button and they’ll automatically start showing up on your feed. Then on the homepage, you’ll always be able to access photos from the…

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How To Gain Followers And Grow Your Photography Brand With Instagram

“If you’re only getting your inspiration from Instagram, your photos are going to start looking like everyone else’s. I get inspiration through other visual art – by going to museums.” Pei Ketron At Pexels, we’ve heard from a number of photographers wanting advice on how to advance their photography career and leverage tools like Instagram.…

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Pexels Heroes Community: Finding Purpose Through Photography

It’s 6pm on a Tuesday when I ring up Pete Johnson – someone I’ve never spoken to before, but someone whose photos moved me. Pete answers immediately, apologizing for the connection – he’s in a yurt in rural Durango, Colorado where the connection is iffy at best. “Yurt life, huh? That must be pretty cool,” I started. “I’m…

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Polarr Online Photo Editor

7 Amazing Online Photo Editors

A lot of desktop software has moved to the browser and this trend doesn’t stop with photo editing software. Here are the 7 greatest online photo editors that will rival your desktop software. Depending on the job that needs to be done some of the online editors are easier to use, quicker and/or more affordable. Here we…

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How to Choose a Great Website Header Image

Almost any website out there uses images to complement their content. Photography is a powerful tool for web designers. It can tell a story and draw attention to motivate your visitors to scroll further. In this article I will show you some examples, inspiration and basic rules how you can use imagery in the header…

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Landscape Photography

Take The Shot – Landscape Photography

“Take the shot” ordered M (Judy Dench) in the action packed spy thriller Skyfall, as James Bond grappled furiously on the top of a train bound to nowhere. Faced with a direct mandate and a series of head wrecking options, wind speed, distance from rifle, threat to life. Unusually not desk-bound Miss Moneypenny (Naomi Harris) not only…

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